Young Thug is Worried Because He Can’t Get His Penis Clean

Young Thug is currently trending on social media after he made a controversial revelation on instagram over the weekend.

Thugger explains in an IG video that he’s having difficulty in maintaining a clean Penis. Young Slime went on a lengthy rant regarding the difficultly he has maintaining a clean penis.

The rapper explained that no matter how frequently he baths, his penis comes out dirty every time.

“I don’t even have sex every day. So, like OK, yesterday, I woke up at like 5:00 in the evening. I took a bath at 5:30. Today I woke up at 2:00, I took a bath at 2:00. So that means I took a bath 12 hours ago,” he begins in the viral video.

“Every time I take a bath, my body be clean. But every time I wash my dick there be dirt on it. But I ain’t have sex, I ain’t do nothing,” Young Thug complained.

“I ain’t eat shit. I just go chill. Might go to Dukem’s spot chill, go home go to sleep. Next day, I wake up take a bath, my dick be dirty. There always be dirt on the top. I think I just got a permanently dirty dick,” he added.

The video has since gone viral, garnering lots of reactions from fans online. While many could see the sarcasm in Young Thug’s words, others believe he’s dirty down there for real.

Watch the video below:


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