‘Eko Dydda In Forced Quarantine’ Says Wife

Popular gospel rap artist Eko Dydda has narrated a horrid experience he had in the hands of police officers stationed at Kilimani after he was nabbed while on errands to pick his wife medicine in the Nairobi CBD.

On his way back home, Eko’s car got a puncture compelling him to stay to fix the problem. By the time he was getting done it was already some few minutes to the beginning of dusk to dawn curfew and thus he began rushing home not to meet the wrath of the curfew enforcers.

On reaching Ngong Road, Eko Dydda was barred by a roadblock and the officers in charge arrested him before using a breakdown to tow his car to the Kilimani Police Station where he was taken.

He spent the night in the cells his wife Sylvia Dydda making to the station the following morning to find out what had befallen Eko.

The officers asked her to pay for Eko’s ‘bail’ before he is let out of the police cells. She was ready to do that but on the condition of having a receipt issued.

After the issuance of the receipt, the two drove out of the station but would thereafter get calls being required to get back to the station over an alleged ‘death’ and Eko Dydda was required to record a statement.

‘Eko Dydda In Forced Quarantine’ Says Wife

The officers had been uneasy after learning Sylvia had been recording everything as it unfolded at the station and the calls to ask them back were just theatrics to try find a way of interfering with the video.

On returning, Eko Dydda was re-arrested and the money they had paid refunded to his wife. The officers threatened that they would teach him a lesson because of the video recorded by his wife.

“Eko had left me outside the Police Station and when l went inside to follow up on what was going on, l was told that since I had recorded them, they were going to teach my husband a lesson. “This is Eko Dydda, the President gave artists Ksh100 million, he will vomit this money”, one officer told me,” Sylvia said. “The OCS came and ordered his officers to take Eko to “that place.” I didn’t know where “that place” was but, later in the day, Eko called and informed me that he had been taken to the quarantine center at KMTC. He told me there were about 200 people there…” she added.

They also threatened to arrest her and forcefully take her to a quarantine center with her children should she share the video.

“The police officer in Kilimani stopped about 50 motorists on Saturday night but only your husband is giving us problems. If you share the video, we will come, arrest you with your children and take you to quarantine,” Sylvia was told.

Sharing the experience at the centre which he was taken to, Eko Dydda says the environment his inhumane and since getting there he has not had any test together with those arrested alongside him:

“When we arrived, we were told this is a prison, it’s not a quarantine and we are prisoners. We weren’t tested during arrest and we shared the cell in Kilimani Police Station with other people. At the quarantine centre, people arrested all over are in the same place. The only time you get out of the room is to go pick food but people here aren’t observing rules. They’re bitter, because no tests were taken and they feel they might get infected with Coronavirus,” Eko Dydda said. “The quarantine is like a dormitory but with individual cubicles, we are sharing toilets and bathrooms. We have been told we shall be tested after 14 days, and if one or two people are found to be positive, all of us shall be held in quarantine for another 14 days,”

“Most of the people here, are from the ghetto, those who couldn’t afford to bribe police, and l don’t think they will afford to pay the quarantine charges. It seems the government is trying to justify spending the Coronavirus budget on forced quarantines,” he said.

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