Deutsche Fußball Liga (DFL) has teamed up with telecommunications company Vodafone to provide content to fans attending Bundesliga matches in various stadiums in real time. As part of the two year deal both Bundesliga and Vodafone will launch augmented reality (AR) smartphone app that will provide statistics and data before, during and after the game over the company’s new 5G mobile network.

Starting in the 2019/20 Bundesliga season spectators with smartphones in the stands will get to experience augmented reality on their phones and get data about players in real-time. This means that with just a tap on their phone, fans will be able to see a player’s performance such as how fast a particular player is sprinting down the flanks or his shot power in real time. The real-time information for the app is based on around 1,600 match events and 3.6 million positional points gathered by the DFL in a single Bundesliga game.

Until now the app which processes the information in visual form, producing live graphics, statistics and analysis has been in use exclusively in post-match television shows. This revolutionary technology has never before been made available to fans in stadiums anywhere in the world.

Wolfsburg‘s Volkswagen Arena will be the first to have a 5G network in the upcoming 2019/20 season, with the infrastructure set to be in place by September and is expected to provide 60 per cent more network capacity at the stadium.

“Technologies are only as good as the application possibilities that emerge from them. As a leader of innovation, the DFL is continuously advancing new technologies concerning sport and media to provide additional possibilities to spectators in the stadium and in front of screens “ said DFL CEO Christian Seifert. “We are doing this by connecting 5G and real-time information. A strong 5G infrastructure provides the ideal conditions for partners and clubs too.”

In a statement Hannes Ametsreiter, Vodafone Deutschland chief executive said “Football lives from emotions. Also data and analysis are becoming more and more important for many fans. So far, they often did not exist until after the match on the local TV. We bring these worlds together now “

According to the Bundesliga official site, last season, up to 500 gigabytes of data were sent through Vodafone’s network at peak times during Bundesliga matches which is an increase of 50 per cent on the previous year. To guarantee speedy and quality digital experience for the app’s users, 5G technology is required.

Source: Bundesliga