Real or Fake? Ariana Grande’s New PHOTO Sparks ‘Boob Job’ Speculations

American pop star Ariana Grande has apparently once again stolen the spotlight, this time on social media, all thanks to a single picture.

The photo, posted on the singer’s official Instagram page, features Grande dressed in a pink crop top and trousers, posing seductively for the camera.

The photo accrued over 3 million likes mere hours after it was published, with countless fans praising Grande’s stunning good looks, heaping praise on her and calling her “queen”.

A number of people, however, focused their attention on the singer’s cleavage, wondering aloud whether Grande had done something to enhance her bosom.

“Why your boobs are bigger here?” asked 3i099.

Real or Fake? Ariana Grande's New PHOTO Sparks 'Boob Job' Speculations

“Sporting your new boobs?” christina_martinez inquired.

“Smth happened with this boobs”, koubou_the_og observed.

The discussion even spilled over on Twitter, with at least one netizen claiming that Grande’s new look was the result of a push up bra and not some kind of surgery.

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